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Trailer queen practice.
Today, flatbed, tomorrow, enclosed trailer?

On the way to the Adirondack Nationals car show.

The car is not complete but it's good enough to show and generate some interest.

On display at the Adirondack Nationals car show.

Future Pro Street car owner.

Through the looking glass.

Body completely painted and buffed.

I think the front end looks better without GTS headlight covers.

Buff it again guys, it needs more shine.

Rake provided by Bell Tech 2" drop spindles.

Left side custom zig zag graphics are painted on.

Right side custom zig zag graphics are painted on.

AJ pretending to adjust the rear spoiler bracket.

Quick-disconnect flush mount battery cable connectors.

Rear spoiler disassembled and primed.

Rear spoiler will be painted blue to match the body.

Camaro heaven.

New Optima 830 CCA spiral cell battery lights things up.

Spoiler completely painted and buffed.

Spoiler has two coats of clear.

Left side spoiler hardware shot.

Right side spoiler hardware shot.

3/16" diameter x 1" long quick release pins from Art Morrison.

Positive locking quick release pins with a push button release.

The quick release pins are a 1/2" longer than I'd like.  I'll fix that.

Nice!  That's Tony in the background.

52" lap belt of the Simpson restraint system.

Camlock of the Simpson 5-way restraint system.

Duel Simpson 5-way restraint system.

Installation of the driver side anti-submarine belt is complete.

I took a break from the front end to install this cool Hurst pistol grip shifter.

The fabricated console shift plate will be painted gloss black.

Safecraft extinguisher with dual activation and three separate discharge ports.

Push cable/head assembly will be mounted by driver.  Pull cable mounts out back.

I upgraded to this carbon fiber Autometer gauge cluster kit.

Factory gauge cluster terminals being repinned for the new harness.

Moser Engineering (series 1350) Ford 9" pinion yoke.

Moser Engineering pinion yoke with 28 spline input.

Moser Engineering pinion yoke attached to Ford 9" center section.

The red and black lines are for the Optima spiral cell battery & MSD box.

End of the road for the factory carbon steel driveshaft.

A Coleman aluminum driveshaft will replace the factory carbon steel unit.

Driveshaft tunnel with Wilwood rear parking brake lines above.

Time to align the rubber before it meets the road.

I could use one of these lifts in my garage.

Project Camaro gained 20 pounds and now weighs in at 3096 pounds.

Align the Mickey Thompson 33x19.50 15" Sportsmans.

Left side wheelie bar shot.

Right side wheelie bar shot.

Coleman Racing Products 42" heavy duty aluminum driveshaft.

3.0" outer diameter by 1.25" wall thickness aluminum tubing driveshaft.

Highly polished 6061-T6 aluminum tubing driveshaft with GM U-joints.

Stock transmission slip yoke mated to the Coleman driveshaft.

Moser Engineering pinion yoke mated to the Coleman driveshaft.

Adjust free play of the stock transmission slip yoke.